Survey respondents

At Investment Trends, our foundation is built upon intelligently selected and surveyed data sets. Underpinning the data is our most precious stakeholders – the individuals who respond to our surveys.

As a business that represents the voice of end users in the financial services industry, we take our role very seriously. In recognition of this, our strong commitment to our survey respondents is core to our culture and how we work.

Our work relies on the community of investors, traders and intermediaries who generously give their time to complete our surveys. Recognising this, we make the following commitments to our survey respondents:

  • We deeply value your privacy and we protect it carefully
  • We recognise that you are at the heart of our business
  • We reflect your views fairly, accurately and without influence

If you are a survey respondent and have any questions about how we work, we invite you to click here to contact us.

If you’re visiting to find out if you won a prize for completing a survey, click here to see the list of prizewinners.