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We work with many of the globe’s leading financial services companies, including brokers, banks, investment managers, superannuation and pension funds, insurers, margin lenders, investment advisors and platform providers to help them achieve a deep understanding of their customers’ needs. Importantly, we also work with industry regulators and peak industry bodies to help ensure the industry meets these needs in sustainable and responsible ways. And underlying all this, perhaps our most important role is to give voice to the industry’s end users – investors and intermediaries alike.


We serve over 160 of the world’s leading
financial services organisations

At Investment Trends, everything we do is built from a starting point of large sets of intelligently selected and surveyed data. Behind that data is one of our most precious assets and stakeholders - the people who respond to our surveys. As a business that gives voice to the end users of the financial services industry, we take our role is representing those voices very seriously. In recognition of this we hold a series of commitments to our survey respondents that form a core part of our culture and the way we work.


The data Investment Trends provides gives us a real insight into our industry and it helps us understand how we can provide a better service and product offering to our clients. Indeed we look forward to the annual reports and often we will determine our following years strategy around the results.

Peter Cruddas Executive Chairman, CMC

Investment Trends stands-out as the leading research partner for genuine data insights. Many companies say they strive for continuous improvement and yet they don’t actually ask their customers what they really want and how they can improve. Our partnership with Investment Trends enables us to better understand our customers and their needs, identify our strengths […]

Simon Swanson Managing Director, ClearView

BetaShares has partnered with Investment Trends for a decade to gain insight and understanding of the Australian ETF industry. We’ve found Investment Trends at all times to act with the utmost professionalism, integrity and, most importantly, to deliver deep and expert insight. We feel valued as a client and appreciate the relationship we have built […]

Ilan Israelstam Co-Founder, Betashares

Investment Trends provides world leading research and analysis into client insights and industry themes. At IG we’ve valued their relationship and partnership for over a decade, using their services and key insights to assist in strategic analysis and decision making.

Kevin Algeo CEO, APAC & Africa, IG Group

Investment Trends research is an important component of netwealth’s product development process. The research enables us to identify developing trends within the industry that allow us to make relevant judgements about the future direction of netwealth and our product offering.

Matt Heine Joint Managing Director, Netwealth Australia



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