Actionable insights for the finance sector

Investment Trends give voice to the financial services industry's investors and intermediaries for many of the leading firms across the globe.  These companies leverage our deep insights to develop market-leading products and services that help them stay ahead of the curve.



Deep Insights

Our deep insights into market dynamics and industry trends help our clients pinpoint winning strategies and tactics that create and cement competitive edge.

Industry Experts

Our highly qualified analyst team and our propriety research methods ensure we address our client’s – and their clients’ – most pressing questions.

International Coverage

Our clients are market leaders and innovative challengers across Australia, Asia, Europe, the US and the UK, served from our offices in Sydney, London and Singapore.

Investment Trends in the Media

Investors happier with online broking: Investment Trends
Financial Standard | Sep 14, 2017
Jamie WilliamsonIrene Guiamatsia
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Broker satisfaction high among Aussies
Money Management | Sep 14, 2017
Malavika SanthebennurIrene Guiamatsia
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Investment Trends Report: CMC Markets Stockbroking leads in innovation and client satisfaction
CIO | Sep 14, 2017
Irene Guiamatsia
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SMSF managed fund appetite stable but strong
SMS Magazine | Sep 13, 2017
Krystine LumantaRecep Peker
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Investment Trends Report: CMC Markets Stockbroking leads in innovation and client satisfaction
Share Cafe | Sep 11, 2017
Robin BowermanIrene Guiamatsia
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FX Ask | Sep 08, 2017



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Managed accounts finally fulfilling their promise
Money Management | Sep 08, 2017
Janine MaceRecep Peker

The managed account market is dominated by small providers but big players are starting to throw money into the sector that experts have said is big enough for everyone, Janine Mace finds.

When it comes to managed accounts, this day has been a long time coming. For a decade or more the managed accounts cheer squad has been talking up the benefits of these structures and predicting they will break into the big time.

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英国经纪商领跑澳洲CFD市场 CMC Markets高净值客户最多
FX Shell | Sep 07, 2017

根据澳大利亚金融服务行业研究公司Investment Trends对澳洲差价合约(CFD)市场的调查,英国线上交易公司IG集团(IG Group)的市场占有率最高,来自英国的经纪商几乎成为澳洲差价合约市场的领头羊。

以英国在线金融服务供应商CMC Markets为例,在澳洲差价合约市场的客户休眠率(停止交易人数与总交易人数之比)达到46%的环境下,该公司保持了在中高端市场的份额增长,成为澳大利亚差价合约市场上拥有最多高净值客户的交易商。

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Who we serve

The data Investment Trends provides gives us a real insight into our industry and it helps us understand how we can provide a better service and product offering to our clients. Indeed we look forward to the annual reports and often we will determine our following years strategy around the results.

Peter Cruddas Executive Chairman, CMC

Investment Trends stands-out as the leading research partner for genuine data insights. Many companies say they strive for continuous improvement and yet they don’t actually ask their customers what they really want and how they can improve. Our partnership with Investment Trends enables us to better understand our customers and their needs, identify our strengths […]

Simon Swanson Managing Director, ClearView

BetaShares has partnered with Investment Trends for a decade to gain insight and understanding of the Australian ETF industry. We’ve found Investment Trends at all times to act with the utmost professionalism, integrity and, most importantly, to deliver deep and expert insight. We feel valued as a client and appreciate the relationship we have built […]

Ilan Israelstam Co-Founder, Betashares

Investment Trends provides world leading research and analysis into client insights and industry themes. At IG we’ve valued their relationship and partnership for over a decade, using their services and key insights to assist in strategic analysis and decision making.

Kevin Algeo CEO, APAC & Africa, IG Group

Investment Trends research is an important component of netwealth’s product development process. The research enables us to identify developing trends within the industry that allow us to make relevant judgements about the future direction of netwealth and our product offering.

Matt Heine Joint Managing Director, Netwealth Australia

We work with many of the globe's leading financial services companies to help them achieve a deep understanding of their competitive position and their customers' needs. We also work with industry regulators and peak industry bodies to help them shape policy and regulation that works for everyone. And perhaps our most important role is to give voice to the industry's end users - individual investors and intermediaries alike.

Who we are

Investment Trends is a privately owned financial services industry research company based in Sydney, Australia. We develop and deliver independent, deep insights research on the behaviours, buying preferences and future needs of investors and intermediaries for the financial services companies that serve them across Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the USA.

Our singular vision and goal is:

To be the world’s best industry research firm.

Key People