Key Industry Reports

Our large scale syndicated industry research is delivered  through our Key Industry Reports. While each of these reports globally is summarised below, our methodology is consistent across them all:

  1. We source very large data sets from wide and truly representative pools of respondents. These data sets include our own panel that has been built since our inception in 2003, as well as respondents from our clients, media companies, industry bodies and exchanges.
  2. We apply advanced statistical techniques to this data to ensure it perfectly represents the industries, the client segments and the behavioural and demographic characteristics of the markets we are researching.
  3. We use highly senior and experienced industry experts to analyse the resulting data, ensuring the deep insights we produce for our clients don’t just read back what the data says, but explore what it says, what it means, how it affects the industry and our clients, how it has played out over history and is likely to play out in the future.