Custom Research Projects

Our high degree of industry knowledge and our very large sets of data allow us to develop highly effective custom research for our clients – often delivering these faster, cheaper and deeper than traditional research houses can achieve. We have delivered custom research across every aspect of the financial services industry, from complex financial structures and products to Value Proposition testing, client and service benchmarking, competitive gap analyses and more.

Examples of custom research projects recently undertaken:

  • We helped a client assess the viability of developing an online financial planning tool, by measuring interest levels, demographic and attitudinal interest levels, barriers to adoption and catalysts to maximise adoption.
  • We worked with a CEO and CMO to undertake a “deep dive” market-relative satisfaction examination of their client base to identify the highest investment return opportunities and measure return on that investment.
  • We have helped many clients understand and explore M&A opportunities.
  • We undertook a deep examination of a wealth manager’s multiple advice brands to help align their value and service proposition to the segments each of those brands seeks to target.