Client Experience Optimisation

The difference between reasonable performance and great performance now drives larger outcome differentials than ever before. The CEO Program provides monthly feedback on your performance to help your team optimise your customer touch points for maximum effect. This Program tracks existing and potential clients’ experience with your website, experience with your call/contact centre and onboarding experience, as well as ongoing client experience and cross product purchase intentions. Perhaps more importantly, all this insight is produced not just through a view of what your clients are doing and feeling, but what competitors’ clients are experiencing across the same set of benchmarks, allowing executives to constantly “tune” their business performance for optimal return on investment.

Using this Program, you can:

  • Better understand reasons for existing client attrition
  • Understand which parts of your business you need to focus on
  • Drive better customer satisfaction and NPS
  • Maximise client retention
  • Maximise cross sell