How we’re different

Our unique position:

  • Industry expertise from almost two decades of working closely with established organisations within key sectors of the financial services industry
  • Statistical and analytical expertise through our methodological standards, proprietary analytics and team of world-class experts
  • Technology expertise through a custom-built platform that delivers world-class data security, GDPR-standard data privacy and sophisticated data visualisation tools learn more about our survey privacy process here

Our survey design and analytical expertise separates us from surface-level research. The array of advanced statistical multivariate analyses we employ includes:

  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Choice modelling (multinomial and binomial choice modelling)
  • Hierarchical and k-mean cluster analysis
  • Multi-dimensional cluster analysis
  • Correspondence analysis

The research output we deliver comes in three forms:

  1. A final report containing an executive summary, key findings and analysis (~200 data visualisations). An additional client-focused report for clients who invite their data base to participate in the survey
  2. An Executive Briefing that is presented by our Research Director, summarising the key actionable insights
  3. Three hours of research analyst time, for clients who are seek additional analysis or insights