2016 Global Robo-Advice Research Report


After years of steady growth, the use of Robo-advice has exploded in the last 12 months and is now set to transform the financial services advice industry globally. The 2016 Investment Trends Global Robo-Advice Report is one of the world’s largest and deepest studies ever conducted into this important phenomenon, incorporating findings from almost 9,000 retail investors surveyed across five countries and 1,450 financial advisers in Australia and the UK, including 1,000 active users of Robo-advice in the USA.

The 2016 Investment Trends Global Robo-Advice Report covers:

Part I: Robo-advice in the United States
How is the Robo-advice industry evolving?
Who is using Robo-advice? What are their demographic profiles (age, investable wealth, etc)?
What are Robo-advice investors using the service for?
How much of their wealth is robo-advised, and how much do they intend to invest through robo-advice in the future?
What is the experience of investors who were early adopters of these services?
What is the experience of investors using the establishment brands versus Robo-advice specialists?
What do Robo-advice investors value most in a robo offering?
Which providers perform best on the things Robo-advice investors want from their provider?
Who are the next wave of Robo-advice users in the US and what do they want from their provider?

Part II: Robo-advice outside the US
The availability and use of Robo-advice – an international comparison

Part III: How advisers see robo-advice in Australia and the UK
Do financial advisers see Robo-advice as a threat or an opportunity?
How are financial advisers planning to respond to Robo?
What parts of the advice delivery chain do advisers believe can benefit from Robo?

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